Sunday, February 27, 2011

45 now out on Cowabunga Records!

Our new 7 inch "Look Busy, Do Nothing" is now out on Cowabunga Records! You can listen to two of the tracks by clicking here:

We are playing on April 1st in Montreal with friends School Jerks and Naughty Girls and on April 16th with Omegas, Night Birds and Naughty Girls. Don't be a jerk. Come hang out and get this little guy while it's still time! Out of town shows to be announced.


Here's a digital version of the demo released on cassette in 2009 and reissued on 7 inch in 2010. Cassettes have sold out but you can still get this on 7 inch!

                           slobs - demo tape 2009:

Go, tell it on the mountain. Slobs has entered the blogging world.

Now I need some food.